Teaching Editor

JavaScript-based web editor that can be shared with students learning about mobile web apps

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Teaching Editor

This project provides an online editor that automatically reloads the contents of an iPhone-sized frame. It also provides students with a read-only mode, allowing them to follow in real time whatever code is written in the screen of the teacher, and they can also download the current state of the code at any moment.

It is built exclusively in JavaScript, using the following libraries:

Screenshot of Teaching



Use Homebrew to install Node.js in your system. Also, install npm and install Express and Socket.IO with npm.

The install.sh script performs all the required operations to install external dependencies in your system.


The client has been tested successfully on several combinations of operating systems and browsers:

Pay attention to the fact that the mobile libraries themselves might not be compatible with some of these browsers (in particular, Sencha Touch only works on Webkit-based browsers).

How to Use


This project is released under the GPLv3 license. Please check the LICENSE file for details.